Our time at the 2019 international tournaments


Palestinian acquired the title of champion of the Copa Chile in 2018, so it was as his path through the international dream began. The victory of the Arabs in the national tournament allowed them to have a spot in the Copa Libertadores. February started with hope for the tetracolor the first leg was played at the Municipal Stadium of the Cistern against Deportivo Independiente Medellin was achieved a 1-1 draw and on the return at the house of the “powerful medal” a victory was achieved 1(1)-1(4) that allowed Palestinians to move forward. The next challenge was against Club Atlético Talleres, the first leg was played in the Cordoba’s house and a 2-2 draw was achieved. The return was another nice one victory for the Arabs who at home won the match 2-1.

With Inter Porto Alegre, in the first leg a victory was not achieved, the colorados beat 3-2 this first match. Then came a way out with River. Plate (0-0). And a one-way outback against Alianza Lima who gave back hope with a meeting that was 3-0.

The laps would define the path of Palestinian in his history in the Copa Libertadores: victory in the first first leg against International 3-2, and then a defeat that would leave us out of the dream of the Copa Libertadores, and in the end a victory that would put us in the game again against Alianza Lima. The Arabs defeated Alianza Lima 2-1 from home, and this victory would open up the doors to play the Copa Sudamericana.

Our rival? Zulia, the Venezuelan oil tankers. The first leg was with Zulia from rival, the Arabs lost 2-1. The return was in Chile, faith was not lost and the team gave everything to move on to the next phase, unfortunately the tetracolor lost 1-0 this encounter. That’s how the Arab dream of power ended reaching an international tournament final. But there are still more years and more defeats are learned.

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